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awwww, my art. I love my art.


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I have always had a great respect for traditional artist. that's not to say that digital artist aren't great two, but once you're taugh...

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I've said it once, I'll say it again, this is hilarious and ingenious. as always, I admire your both humorous style that combines the c...


you know that pillow invention tha records dreams, I never wanted it more than right now.

I just had a dream, where a woman on an island, and someone I think was me, got tired of doing nothing, and went on adventure with all of her characters. she and her best friend sailed over horrible waters in a pirate ship, run by captain crunch, and his father, captain hooks (who had no hands, just two hooks) which was awesome on it's own. they faught other pirates over the high seas, selling far away from the tiny island that had been their home, and captain hooks did some AMAZING things with his ship, especially sense he had no hands. he sailed OVER a tidal wave!
but they sailed to this island with a crystal palace on it, where the pirates said goodbye, and the ship turned to crystal by some sort of magical field. there was a puzzle to get inside, which her friend solved, and after that the cyrstal palace was an evil underground base, run by some military. thery where experimenting on their soldiers, giving them super powers, mostly pysquice. the friends where running from the soldiers, and they somehow got into the testing chambers.... which was awesome.
cuase they went through this machine that let tem teleport, giving them some of the powers, and they used that to skip to the last chamber which was #9,998,971
inside that chamber was this large security program, which lazers, and energy fields. the girl did a whole bunch of acrobatics to get through them, the boy teleported most of it, but after that was the mainframe computer, which they used to find the location of this boy named 'Jordan' who was being held somewher ein the base. they tried to teleport there, but they ended up in this room where everything was stored in a 2-D world, like an old video game, to save physical space. the where spotted by this younger soldier and the girl offered him a chance to run, but he didn't, and she knocked him off the railing. he disaapeared into coins, like a video game, andthey ran off. afterh the 2-d chamberswas a room with mirrors, the first one cracked badly, but instead of a reflection, the mirrors all showed a sleeping black teenager, about the age of the woman.
the boy realized that it was the perfect prison; they trapped him in a mirror. the only way to free him was to break the mirror, but if they did that they could shatter Jordan into a millon pieces as well.
at that exact moments the soldiers started slamming at the doors. the boy got an idea to pull Jordan out of the mirror throug the crack, but he needed time. so while the girl kicked some serious gaurd bad guy butt, the boy pulled Jordan out of the mirror. there was a bright flash, and energy explosion, and the boy and girl teleported. they went to this control room, with lots of technical screens and monitors and stuff, they found the progress of Jordan's extraction, but then the government or whatever people, started uploading stuff to try and destroy Jordan. the boy had an idea,l and started to boot up EVERY program in the base, which overload the system, locking it all up. then he moved the progress of Jordan's extraction to another system buss, which let it run independantly.
then they teleported to the main room, which was empty now because the gaurds where lookin gfor them everywhere else. the boy asked... Jordan.... who is he?' and the girl's backstory is revealed.
she lived in a land of ice and snow, where the weather was always cold, and the people where never run. it was an awful place, but ever sense she was a little girl, Jordan had made her smile, they played together on the frozen lakes.
the girl kept asking where was Jordan, the boy finally guessed that he would appear not in the base, but where he had been captured first.... wherever was 'home'.
so they teleported there, and at first, something seems wrong, because even though the girl is moving aroudn happily, the boy looks a little confused. 'maybe it didn't work' he asks.
but the girl insists that they are in her home land. the boy closes his eyes, hard, and when he opens them, they are in this beautiful frozen forest, the trees piled with perfecly white snow, the lake they stand on frozen solid, and a beautiful white moon hanging in the pitch black sky.
the boy is silant as the girl wonders around happily, until finally, jordan steps out from the distance. the girl runs to him and hugs him, smiling, ant the two starts talking, till suddenly she gasps and says:
'grandfather?' like she's asking.
Jordan says nothing, as the two continue to embrace, the boy walks away, and suddenly all of this beautiful scenery melts away into nothing, leaving behind this large empty warehouse. allong the sides are all the soldiers that the girl beat up, and the lead woman who was in charge of everything. teh boy walks up to her, sniffling nad chocking back ktears and says: "we won the game.... but I guess no one ever wins the war."
and he looks back at the girl, hugging a manthat is similar to Jordan, but not him..
the entire adventure had been her imagiantion.
the woman asks the boy 'was it all worth it?'
the boys responds 'we gave her a chance to say goodbye, that's whats important.'
the girl, still hugging Jordan, sniffles and cries for what feels like hours, before she finally says goodbye, not even iding her tears, and then everything melts away fro her as well and she passes out. the boy catches her and takes her home.
the last scene is them both being home on the island again, her laying in bed while the sunsets outside.
the most..... amazing dream.... ever.

(Pardon spelling, this was written the second I got up so I wouldn't lose any of it.)
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